• "Growing up in North Carolina the 50's and 60's, Grapette was always my 'drink of choice' after a hot day of working the hay fields and tobacco fields. So glad to see someone is keeping the tradition and great taste alive!'"
    E. Lawrence

  • "Grapette and I are the same age. When I was a kid and even up into my teens we would see who could drink the little bottle in the fewest swallows. We would choke, hack, spit and have Grapette running out our noses and down on our clothes. Our mothers didn't like that, but hey, it was the best tasting drink around and it was fun. I still have a couple of the small bottles, empty, but they bring back memories every time I look at them.'"

  • "When I was about 3 or 4 years old, my daddy and I would each have a Grapette. I would drink some of mine and Daddy would just take a sip of his. Then he would ask me if I wanted to trade. Of course, I did. Whenever I think of Grapette, I think of my daddy and how he spoiled me and shared his Grapette with me.'"

  • "As a child we would go as a family to a restaurant called Red Caps, an old barbeque restaurant that cooked on an old iron stove and used actual wood. Minded I am only 51. This was the best place with creaky wooden floors and plastic booths with jukeboxes on the table. They had a Grapette Cooler and they cost 5 cents. I loved them.'"

  • "During the years between 1945 and 1950, a barbecue place (somewhere on the back roads between Camden, SC and Charlotte, NC) sold Grapette. My family always stopped there for a barbecue sandwich, and on every trip, going and coming. I remember how much I looked forward to that icy cold bottle of Grapette each time we traveled.

    During those years not many (if any!) vehicles were air-conditioned. That icy cold drink right out of the bottle on a hot summer ride was a wonderful treat.

    Grapette and Coca-Cola were my favorites. Coca-Cola could be purchased almost everywhere, but I don't remember being able to buy Grapette any place other than that one particular barbecue place, so I guess that is what made Grapette so special. Note: I really did not like the barbecue, but my parents never knew. It was worth the deception to be able to enjoy the Grapette!'"


  • "My friend Doug Rather introduced me to "Grape on the buzzer" at Cooks Ice Cream on Albert Pike in the mid Fifties. Good Cooks Ice Cream and a bottle of Grapette on the blender. What a treat and a lasting memory.'"

  • "My family didn't drink Cokes so we looked for another cold drink. My dad, in 1945, when I was 6 years old, gave me a very small bottle to drink. Boy this is good. After that Grapette was my only soft drink.'"

  • "Grapette was a real favorite of mine, and I well remember the distinctive shape of the bottle & larger in diameter at the top and bottom than in the middle. And of course, the taste was so good! Come to think of it, I might have thrown a few peanuts in the bottle once in a while!

    Just wanted to pass on this note to let you know I'm very glad this product, and the name, continues.'"


  • "My grandfather had a car dealership (Millican Motors) in Newport Ark. In the '50s I would visit my grandparents nearly every summer. In his dealership he had a soda vending machine and it had Grapette. I loved drinking Grapette on those hot days.'"

  • "In summers of the 1960s I attended Ozark Boys Camp in Mount Ida, Arkansas. We looked forward to an afternoon refreshment break and our daily ration of Grapette!'"

  • "I remember traveling from Alabama to Illinois as a child for the summer. My Grandfather had a small store there and I could have all of the Grapette I wanted. Even after 40 years, I still remember that taste on a hot summer's day. It is a memory nothing has ever replaced.'"

  • "My dad owned a barbershop with a soda chest — the old type where you slid the bottle down a track and pulled it out through the metal lever. When mom took me along to pick him up after work, he always took a dime from his cash register so I could get a Grapette while I waited for his last trim. I loved that moment, waiting for my dad and drinking the Grapette. Sweet!!'"

  • "My first Grapette was in 1947 at the beach in San Diego. I have been hooked on it since.'"

  • "When I was about six years old in Kerrville, TX, my mom, dad and I used to go the local drive-in restaurant for hamburgers. Of course they served Grapette. I remember so well calling out to the carhop to bring me two hamburgers and a bottle of "bapette".

    Being young, I could not say it properly but I will never forget that distinctive taste. This would have been around 1949 give or take.'"


  • "Surprised and HAPPY to find Grapette at Wal-Mart. Unable to buy it since back in he 1960s when we would drive thru Belpre, OH and get it at a store there.'"

  • "My dad worked for Rolla Gas & Electric at Rolla, MO. I frequently went to work with him, as my mom worked full time at the shoe factory and I was too young to stay alone. Dad and I usually ate lunch at Carson's cafe. I always had a cheeseburger, French fries, and an ice-cold bottle of Grapette.

    I had a wonderful life growing up at Rolla. Collecting Grapette advertising helps me recall some of the best times.'"


  • "There was a bottling company in Sumter, SC run by the Morrison's. I remember the jingle — "Begging your pardon but have you met that tantalizing soda by the name of Grapette?..."

    Sweetest little drink of all — had to be for me to select it over a 12 oz. Nehi!'"


  • "As a young boy of 7 or 8 yrs old my favorite drink was Grapette. I haven't had a Grapette since I was 10 yrs old. I'm 59 now so 49 yrs have passed since my last Grapette.'"

  • "I remember the highlight of every summer in Indiana in the late '50s and early '60s was going to visit my relatives in Tulsa, OK. That meant we were going through states that sold Grapette!!! The best food on the planet was baloney sandwiches and longhorn cheese and an ice-cold Grapette. I remember the old man would always buy a couple of cases to take home, though rarely did they ever make it that far!!! Glad you are making it again. Gonna buy some the first chance I get.'"

  • "As a young child, I remember my parents buying me Grapette in a small bottle at a drive in that had carhops. I was four to six years old. We lived in McAlester, OK. I am thrilled to find Grapette at Wal-Mart. I have even told my grandchildren how good it is and about my drinking it as a child (In the olden days, ha ha!). That is what they call it. Seems like only yesterday to me.'"

  • "I had last purchased Grapette in 1966 in a country store outside Mt. Dora, TX. We were traveling between duty stations from San Diego, CA to Memphis, TN when we stopped in that store. Having been unable to find Grapette for many years I bought out all that the store had to offer.'"

  • "My grandmother was my introduction to Grapette. She always had some in the fridge. I didn't especially like being in her care but loved the treat. Only problem was that she'd always insist on watering it down before serving me any. Something about too much sugar, go figure? I told her one day that I preferred my Grapette straight!'"

  • "One of my favorite memories from my childhood in the 1950s was arriving at Granny's house after a 700-mile car trip with my family of six and exploring Granny's refrigerator looking for the Grapette and other special delicacies that she stocked for us. Granny's house and Grapette went together.'"

  • "I grew up outside of Akron, OH. We lived in the Cuyahoga River Valley. As kids back in the early and mid to late '60s, we would walk about three to four miles to an old country store called Everette. My cousins, brother and I would have maybe 10-25 cents each if we were lucky. I used to get a Grapette in a 5-cent glass deposit bottle, and ice cream or a popsicle. We would sit on the old porch and enjoy our drink and snack, take the bottle back in and get like five gumballs, or something else for the way home. Oh, gas was probably 27 cents a gallon!!'"

  • "We had a very good friend by the name of "Harry" who owned a gas station that sold gas, repaired bikes, and sold all of the great sodas of the time — Old Colony — all flavors, and best of all GRAPETTE & LEMONETTE.

    Us kids usually did not have money so Harry used to give us our choice once a week of any of the sodas and me and my brothers and sister always choose Grapette, sometimes Lemonette. To us it was the only sodas around that were worth drinking. How sad it was when all of a sudden it was gone from the shelves.

    Then two days ago I was in Wal-Mart in Barstow, CA and on the shelf was "Grapette". I only bought one because I could not believe it was really Grapette. Took it home and it was just the same as I remembered it — maybe better since I can now buy all I want to buy.'"


  • "When I was a girl growing up in rural WV, we would walk to the grocery store in the summer just to get sodas. My mother's favorite was the Grapette soda. Back then it only cost about 10 cents a bottle. We had to walk about a mile to the nearest store.'"

  • "My mom and dad owned a small town grocery in my childhood years. My sisters and I loved Grapette! It was own favorite drink when we were allowed to have one. My mouth waters every time I think of this wonderful drink. It came in little small bottles. We would sneak a sip when the other was not looking. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. I had no idea they still existed. I will definitely get some.'"

  • "My prayers were answered. For the first time since I was a kid, I can once again enjoy Grapette and Orangette at my local Wal-Mart store. Many thanks for getting Wal-Mart interested in offering these two classic brands to a past, present, and future generation of loyal Grapetters.'"

  • "My co-worker, Don, and I worked for the Gas Company in Wichita and made sure that we were near my apartment at afternoon break. We would drink Grapette and eat Cheez-Its and listen to the Longines Symphonette on my stereo. I just found out that Wal-Mart sold the original so I sent him a gift certificate. We'll never forget those days.'"

  • "When I was a child Grapette was my favorite drink. In the summers, we'd go visit my aunt in Chama, NM and stay at her hunting lodge, which was a log cabin hotel. I'll never forget how hot it got there in the summer, and there was nothing better than walking down to the main house to get a Grapette out of the soda case. They were so cold and so delicious. My cousin and I would each get one and then float on an inner tube down the Chama River, drinking our Grapettes. What could be better than that?'"

  • "One of my earliest, and best, memories is of being a little girl in Springfield, MO, and walking to the neighborhood grocery store with my grandparents. I would always ask for a Grapette and grandpa and I would each have one. Eventually, whenever the grocer would see us coming, he would have my Grapette waiting on the counter. I am so happy to have Grapette back again. Thank You.'"

  • "I remember Grapette as my very favorite drink when I was a child. I have two unusual bottles: one is an elephant and the other a clown and the tops have slits that make them a bank. It is a bit ironic that I collect elephants and clowns to this day. In fact, I am a 'card carrying clown' doing kids parties and volunteering at Children's Medical Center in Dallas as a clown.'"

  • "Grapette is the best thing that could ever return. My dad delivered Grapette back in the 50s. I remember asking him for a bottle every day. Thanks for bringing it back.'"

  • "As a young girl I spent my summers with my Aunt Carol and Uncle Sam in Missouri. We would sit in the backyard on summer evenings listening to the St. Louis Cardinals on the radio and I would have my own bottle of Grapette. It was better than heaven. I am in my 60s now, and when I recently tasted some Grapette, I was instantly four-years-old again on a summer evening in Missouri.'"

  • "My mother loved Grapette when she was growing up in the 50s and 60s. And our local, small town grocery store carried Grapette in glass bottles through the 80s and 90s. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting on the back porch drinking a cold Grapette with my mom.'"

  • "One of my favorite childhood memories was walking several blocks to the neighborhood grocery store with my grandfather. We would always buy Grapette to take back home BUT we always bought two extra so we could drink one then!'"

  • "As a kid growing up on a farm around Bailey Texas, soft drinks or ice cream cones were a rare treat awarded for special events. Special events were things like taking a load of cotton to the gin to be bailed.

    About once a week my father my mother and I would go to the M.C. Clayton gin in Bailey and after our cotton was weighed, vacuumed out of our trailer, and my father was paid, we would all go to Giddens Grocery Store for 'something special.' While Mom and Dad would enjoy a Coke or a Pepsi or an RC, I was allowed the choice of an ice cream cone or a soft drink, never both.

    My daddy would open up the lid of this big chest filled with water and ice and let me dig around until I found the little purple bottle of Grapette. I can remember how they laughed at me because my hands would get so cold as I dug around until I found the little purple bottle. My daddy would pay the deposit on the bottle so we could take it with us because I drank as slow as I could to make it last as long as possible, and I wouldn't be finished when it was time to go home.

    This was in 1948 but I still haven't forgotten those wonderful little Grapettes.'"


  • "Enjoyed reading this site. My father traveled and sold Grapette in the Southeastern United States for years. He was Vaughn Neves, and was from Camden, AR. He is now deceased, but gave his life to that Product. Good luck in the future. I feel I was raised drinking those flavors.'"

  • "So when I was a freshman in the dorms, they had Grapette in one of the machines downstairs. It was one of my favorite grape sodas.

    So one night, my roommate and I are hanging out after studying and before bed and he tells me that if I go downstairs to get us two Grapettes that he will pay for them. I told him I would, provided he paid me in reasonable cash.

    You see, he had this giant jar FULL of pennies that sat next to his computer. I was aware of it and of his "sneaky" nature. I told him, 'NO PENNIES!' He told me he would give me two $1 bills when I returned. He just had to dig through his backpack to find them.

    So I took a few quarters out of my desk, sprinted down the back stairs, bought two delicious Grapettes and brought them back to the room. I opened my desk drawer to find 100 pennies sitting in my drawer. He did it.'"


  • "You bet I have a memory. For over 25 years I searched for Grapette soda. In the 60s Grapette was my favorite! I guess it was two years ago I came across Grapette in a store some 200 miles from where I live. When I saw it there I went nuts! I bought every bottle they had. It was at a Texaco gas station. My daughter, who was in the store with me, thought I had lost it.'"

  • "When I was 5 years old (1944) I remember drinking Grapette in the little six ounce bottle. My family and I were living in Bristol, TN. A gentleman who worked with my father at a sawmill would open them for me with his teeth. I loved them, just my size.'"

  • "My memories are of the hundreds of brass plugs lining our downtown crosswalks. All of them had the "Grapette" logo imprinted on them. I'm assuming it was an advertising gimmick provided to our town by the local Grapette bottler. They are all probably still there because the town repaved in the early 70s and as far as I know they went right over top of them. Still drinking and enjoying Grapette from our local Wal-Mart.'"

  • "Grapette. I drank a lot of it growing on the Texas Gulf Coast in the '60s. Ah the memories of a cold drink in a returnable glass bottle! I found out a couple of years ago that Wal-Mart started carrying them exclusively! (The three best things ever to come out of Arkansas: Johnny Cash; Wal-Mart and Grapette soda.)'"

  • "(My husband) would talk over and over about how wonderful it was to drink this product when he was a child. I found on the shelves of Wal-Mart... I was the star of the world for a few days due to my find.

    "My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (and) instead of paying for champagne, we are in the process of purchasing 76 bottles of Grapette and have asked our children to 'toast' us with this drink. We intend to give each of our guest(s) a 'blast from the past.' We consider Grapette the 'house wine of the Maples.'"


  • "When I was a little girl, my Dad would take my brother (and me) with him to get gas at a little service station in town. At the station there was one of those old ice chests with big chunks of ice and soft drinks. My favorite was Grapette. I am now in my sixties and I can still taste the grape flavor."

  • "When I opened my first bottle in years, (it was) like fine wine."
    — Datha

  • "One of the best treats I can remember, is my friend's dad taking us by the local train station every Sunday after church... and we would each get a Grapette. That was in the 1950s. With today's many different soft drinks, none compare, in my eyes, to Grapette."
    — Diana

  • "Grapette was virtually the only soda I drank for most of the years of my youth. We loved Grapette. People who didn't even like soft drinks loved Grapette. It has the most unique taste. None of the other grape sodas could replicate that flavor."
    — Jeff

  • "I've missed (Grapette) so much. When we used to go fishing, my friends left beer at the dock and drank my Grapettes."
    — David

  • "Nothing can compare to reaching down into that old metal cooler filled with ice, water and soda... bringing up a Grapette, snapping off the lid and guzzling down half a bottle before taking a breath! Yes, at 53, I can still remember how good that tasted."
    — Sharon

  • "I was wandering through the new Wal-Mart last night and found Grapette. My husband and daughter thought I had won the lottery, I was so excited. I'm from southern Arkansas, so Grapette was part of many memories."
    — Becky

  • "Grapette was my favorite drink. We used to see who could drink one with the least swallows... choke, spit, splash... all kinds of laughs would take place (while) everyone's T-shirts (would) have grape splotches all over them."
    — Phil

  • "(We) are looking forward to having (Grapette) back in our lives, just as we would any old, well-loved friend."
    — Carol and David

  • "I told my dad I loved Grapette so much that I could drink six of them at one sitting. He brought me six and I tried, but didn't make it. However the episode became something my family members referred to time to time."
    — George

  • "My fishing buddy and I enjoyed this drink as children and have fond memories of our parents using it as a reward if we were good when we got haircuts."
    — Dave

  • "My friends and I used to play cowboys and Grapette was our 'whiskey.' After the gun fights and whuppin all the bad guys, we would all go in the house (saloon) and 'belly up to the bar.' We could sure rest easier in the saddle after a shot of that stuff."
    — John

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